About Us

CSI at a glance

    • 100% competency based learning through an individualized academic program in which time is the variable: some students finish quicker than others
    • Each competency must be satisfactorily met before any student graduates
    • Is home for older students (17-21 yrs.) with 10 or more credits who require a different academic setting
    • Has morning and evening sessions from 8-11 AM and from 4-7 PM
    • Fits well with work schedules and life's responsibilities
    • Combines time at school, school work at home, through off campus courses, and at an approved work mentorship
    • Encourages off campus learning initiatives aimed at competency achievement and career preparation


  • CSI is a charter school located in Penacook NH.
  • CSI is designed for students who are committed to earning their high school diploma but need more options.
  • Progress at CSI is determined by meeting competencies, rather than meeting credit hours.


  • Flexible schedule so students can continue working
  • Personal learning coaches
  • Previous earned credits accepted
  • Personal learning plan that you help design
  • Flexible finish line
  • Graduation depends on the pace you select

Is CSI for You?

  • ·Are you committed to earning a high school diploma?
  • ·Do you enjoy learning when it involves a particular skill or hobby?
  • ·Do financial needs make attending school full time difficult?
  • ·Can you commit to 6-8 hours a week working with your coach?