For Students

Is CSI CHARTER school for me?

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If you're between 17 & 21 years old and are thinking about a different learning environment, for any reason, you owe it to yourself to explore the options that charter schools offer.

What kind of students do we serve at CSI?

    • Older students who won’t graduate with their class
    • Students who are also parents and need flexibility
    • Working students who struggle with a work and school schedule
    • Students who have tired of social distractions
    • Students in the spiral of always being behind
    • Students who have dropped out or are considering it

We have a policy of rolling admissions. This means that applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Most of our students come to us mid-year. So, any time is a good time to apply. The application itself can be accessed at the top of this page. You will need to copy it, then complete and submit it to CSI at the above address. If you'd rather, call and set up an appointment to come in and drop it off. Once that is done, we can set up an interview.