CSI Staff

CSI Staff

Please call 603.753.0194 to contact us

James Gorman - CSI Co-Administrator

email address:  jgorman@csicharterschool.org

Chris Barry - CSI Co-Administrator

email address:  cbarry@csicharterschool.org  

Marcia Rollins - CSI Secretary

email address: mrollins@csicharterschool.org  

Staff Schedule:

Tuesday AM:


Tuesday PM:


Wednesday AM:


Wednesday PM:


Thursday AM:


Thursday PM:


The above schedule is subject to change.  If you wish to work with a specific coach, please check with them to ensure they will be available.

Linda Fanny - Lead Coach/English

email address: lfanny@csicharterschool.org

Dave Anderson - CSI Coach/Math

email address: danderson@csicharterschool.org

Ray Bailey -- CSI Coach/English

email address:  rbailey@csicharterschool.org

Harvey Black - CSI Coach/Math & Science

email address: hblack@csicharterschool.org

Larry Boucher - CSI Coach/Science & Math

email address:  lboucher@csicharterschool.org

Ryan Brandt - CSI Coach/Science & Math

email address: rbrandt@csicharterschool.org

Mark Ciamentaro - Counselor

email address:  mciamentaro@csicharterschool.org

Tom Clark - CSI Coach/Physical Education

email address:  tclark@csicharterschool.org

Pamela Hill - CSI Coach/Social Studies

email address:  phill@csicharterschool.org

Jess Jacques -CSI Coach/

email address:  jjacques@csicharterschool.org

Seelye Longnecker - CSI Coach/Social Studies

email address: slongnecker@csicharterschool.org

Tracey Stevens - CSI Coach/Math

email address:  tstevens@csicharterschool.org